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Videos – Public Policy Proposals from members of the Peruvian Learning Network for Artisanal Fisheries

Public policy proposals for Fisheries from representatives of the Peruvian Learning Network for the artisanal fishermen in Piura, Peru 

In order to learn about the importance of implementing adequate public policies to improve the quality of lives of artisanal fishing communities in Peru 🎣🛶⛵ the Peruvian Learning Network for Artisanal Fishing organized a webinar together with representatives of artisanal fishing in Piura to share the main problems that affect their communities.

Public policies for participation and empowerment in decision-making

Despite being one of the main engines of the economy, artisanal fishermen 🎣🛶⛵ lack adequate political representation so that the voice of fishermen is taken into account.

Public policies to improve the productivity and living conditions of fishing communities.

️Increasing productivity and improving the living conditions of fishing communities is essential to strengthen the artisanal fishing sector in Peru 🎣🛶⛵

Public policies to protect the first 5 nautical miles from predation

The protection of the first 5 miles from predation and indiscriminate fishing is a fundamental issue for the development of artisanal fishing in Peru 🎣🛶⛵

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